Naive style art.


from Kevin Bramhill

"Tattoo"New, a gilded engraving!

24th March 2015. As you can see, I have been so very busy but not entirely with making art again. I feed my art habit costs with other paid work for now.

"Bird 162"engraving completed!

30th April 2012. As you can see, I was very busy but not entirely with making art. We have our artist open house coming up next weekend. I hope that we see you there.

Lots of engravings added to the gallery here today:

24th February 2012.

"Robber Frog"

"Salamander - Death By Fungus"

"Frog - Death By Fungus"

"Spiny Starfish 3"

"Spiny Starfish 2"

"Spiny Starfish 1"

Lots of engravings added to the gallery here today:

21st February 2012.

"Yangtze Sturgeon"

"Chinese Paddlefish"

"Syr Darya Sturgeon"

"Tree Lobster"

"Lost Plant"

"Family Shoal"

"20 Winks"

Two paintings in the news today

7th February 2012.

"Sooty Crayfish"

"Wedding Flowers"

(completed 6th February 2012).

Two paintings in the news today

3rd February 2012.

"Gooty Sapphire"

"Ascension Island Fern"

(completed 1st February 2012).

♦ During May 2012 I will be exhibiting in "View at 42", see Events

1st February 2012.

Two paintings completed:

"Funcia di basilicu"

"Pacman Flashback"

31st January 2012.

"Mobile Event Horizon"painting completed!

26th January 2012.

"Seashore Time"painting completed!

23rd January 2012.

"Recycled Man"painting completed!

16th January 2012.

♦ Two new paintings today: 'End of Hope and Glory' and 'Tree Stump Children.'

12th January 2012.

♦ Talk. 'Mourning Joy' painting completed for source of artwork submitted as potential "Florence & The Machine" CD single cover

(of 'Only If For A Night').
9th January 2012.

♦ Talk. 'Atom Smasher: Pink Particle' painting.

4th January 2012.

♦ I have decided to start a "Blog" for the more day to day activities around my art.

31st December 2011.

♦ You can now get my prints (art, photos and images) from this web site.

30th December 2011.

♦ I have finished my "Grand Unification Formula" painting and have put on display my "Experiments in Collage 1" done slightly ahead and in parallel to my last collage.

23rd December 2011.

♦ My collage is finished. "Hidden Symbols:Merkel's Opposites"

17th December 2011.

♦ Talk. 'School Night at the Fun Fair' talk

5th December 2011.

♦ Portfolio and links added. Portfolio

1st December 2011.

♦ Talk. Algo' Trader Dream talk

30th November 2011.

♦ Talk. 'The Golded Age of Bliss' talk

17th November 2011.

♦ Talk. 'Price' talk

9th November 2011.

♦ Interview ! 'What now?' interview

8th November 2011.

♦ Interview ! MoneyMare interview

31st October 2011.