Naive style art.

About the artist

Kevin Bramhill

♦ In my spare days I use to: perhaps do the school run (walk) and then I frequently paint (or engrave etc.).

These days I mostly work (doing graphics related stuff on computers) so that I can feed my expensive art making habit.

♦ My interest in art goes back as long as I can remember. I have enjoyed seeing other peoples art for many years and I frequently consider the artistic fodder that any new scene or situation offers. It is with great delight that I offer you a view of my painted world.

♦ I am married to the fabulous Karen. We live in the lovely city of Brighton (in England) where we have 3 great children, Joe, Jasmine and Isabella. I feel blessed.

♦ I have evolved my own painting style without formal influence because I am not "schooled" in art. This puts me in the naive artist set which is no bad thing at all. I have great admiration for people like Ivy Langton who showed the way far back in the mists of time and, not so long ago, (the English) Fred Yates.

♦ If you are interested in any of my work simply email me. I am here:


Note that both the www.kbramhill.com and www.kevinbramhill.com map to the same place.